Letter From Our Founders 2022

Hey all you adventurers & thrill seekers! 

Looking back at the past few years it's definitely been a wild ride going from a simple idea to reality. It feels so good to be sharing this news with you all. (scroll down to see what's new for 22)


Back in 2018 when Nick & Chris first met stuck in a cabin on a moto/fly fishing trip we asked ourselves this simple question:

"What if we could have quality performance apparel that also looked good?"

After years of adventures in the outdoors and plenty of jackets, pants, layers - you name it, we found that all of them were pretty for the lack of better words… made us look like freakin’ goons!

It was then that we sketched our first product - a pair of traveler pants made for adventure without all the useless pockets, no more zip offs or cargos and no more big branding to name a few of the obvious problems. We launched them on Kickstarter in 2019 with enough success to buy a couple thousand pairs. 

We kept our day jobs and, thanks to very patient & supportive wives, reinvested any profit or free time into developing more ideas. Which led us to our next product - the Campfire Puffy Jacket which successfully launched on Kickstarter in late 2020. Now you’ll never have to worry about a hole in your jacket from standing around a fire.

That campaign’s success put us on the map, secured a startup investment, allowed us to add Hyde to develop our marketing strategy & James for customer service as orders were quickly increasing. And then, drumroll please… we were able to quit the ‘ole day jobs & join them!

As our product lineup grew we saw a natural trend towards what we call: "The Kit" everything you need for an adventurous lifestyle without sacrificing style or performance.

The Kit is built from the primary apparel pieces that allow you to be prepared for whatever life throws your way. Anytime. Anywhere.

  1. Pants
  2. Shorts
  3. Base layer tee
  4. Button up shirt… 
  5. Mid-layer 
  6. Puffy jacket
  7. Waterproof shell...

With “The Kit” you’re prepared for anything from climbing a mountain to enjoying a night out in a new city.


By the end of this year we will have a complete lineup for The Kit! (currently 5 out of 7 are available in the Daily Driver Kit...)

We’re currently working on both our Daily Drivers lineup which will be performance rich with an everyday stylish focus and our Travelers lineup which will be our best dressed & highest performance pieces.

#1 Name Change:
This year the Traveler Pants are renamed to Daily Driver Pants and are having a slight design change to bring more diversity to our pants offerings. (We’ve heard & listened to feedback from thousands of you to make these pants even better!)

#2 Price Drop:
Because of your trust & commitment to TEREN we have also been able to make larger orders which helps decrease the cost for us which we are stoked to share these savings with you for these Daily Drivers!

For example: your favorite Daily Driver Pants (formerly Traveler Pants) just got another price drop!!!! Now $119.95.

#3 New Colors:

Both the Lightweight Travelers and the Daily Driver Merino Tee each have new colors so check them out! We added Grey to the Daily Driver Merino Tee and we've added our Charcoal to the Lightweight Travelers. 



Wow, a lot has happened but there’s a lot more to come. We are continually stoked to be on this journey with you and can’t wait for the next turns on the trail ahead.


Chris Loizeaux & Nick Rader