It All Started When...

Our founders – Nick & Chris – met on a week-long fly fishing & motorcycle adventure/photoshoot for RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine in 2018.

What was supposed to be a week of riding motorcycles & fly fishing turned into a week of torrential rain. Turns out, that was the best possible outcome. 5 guys tried to pass the time in a cabin by playing guitar, drinking beer, tying flies & talking, but after a few days, the conversation turned to gear & its shortcomings. We were tired of looking ridiculous with too many zippers and pockets off the trail.

We ended up sketching a pair of pants with all the features we thought would be perfect for adventure & traveling. As soon as we got back from the trip, we hit the ground running – & TEREN was born.

Check out those pants here...

TEREN is a Romanian word for "land"or “terrain” and it inspires us to go to places near & far. 

Our apparel performs up the Carpathian Mountains and looks stylish down a city street. TEREN designs are strong & durable just like the land beneath our feet. TEREN is reliable for the everydaya weekend hike or a 6 month trip to faraway lands.

With TEREN you'll be able to summit mountains, swim streams just as easily as catch a beer at a bar, go to the nicest restaurant in the city or walk straight off the trail into a date.

We pursue performance just as much as we pursue style so you can rely on your Daily Drivers from TEREN without having to pack extra or change clothes in the middle of the day.

The Team

Chris Loizeaux

Chris Loizeaux (luh-wah-zoh) is a co-founder and product designer of TEREN. The first word Chris ever spoke was "IDEA", with years of experience as a graphic designer, creative director and product designer, "IDEA" has been an integral to his life ever since. Always entrepreneurial minded, Chris has started a skateboard shop, skateboard company, an outdoor apparel company, a fly fishing shop, and is stoked to be back in outdoor apparel with TEREN. Chris has been married to his wife, Cassie, for 19 years and they have an awesome 10 year old daughter named Ruthie. Aside from his lovely ladies, his passions in life are fly fishing, photography, design, camping, paddling, guitar/music, wood working, tinkering with everything from 3D printers to laser cutters and sewing and of course, designing products for TEREN.

Nick Rader

Nick Rader is a co-founder of TEREN who originally went to school for engineering. His role here is managing all financials, projections & planning, product & fabric sourcing and ensuring all products are properly produced & shipped to our inventory warehouse. While in school he started traveling with any spare time and money he had, starting with a winter break snowboarding trip to the alps that sparked a lifelong travel bug. Since then he has visited 60+ countries and ridden a motorcycle from Africa to Norway! Nick kept working a design engineering job through most of the beginning of his travels until he married his wife, Anca, who inspired his entrepreneurial side. This year Nick and his wife Anca had their first daughter, Nova, who they are very excited to take on all of their travels and adventures when she is old enough.

Casey Hyde

Hyde is our Marketing Director with TEREN. Before partnering with the team here he made a living as a travel photographer with clients all over the world and in marketing roles with brands like YETI and Teva. Hyde has hiked the El Camino de Santiago trail in Spain totaling 888kms along with many other travels through Europe. When asked what means most to him his mind goes straight to his dog, Meadow, who goes everywhere with him. Combining his years of creative talents and traveling and cultural experience, him and Meadow combined are assets here in the office at TEREN.

James Buck

James is a transplant to Chattanooga from the UK. Whitewater kayaking has been his life for the longest time, taking him around the world and even helped him meet his wife. He has also guided and instructed hiking, rafting, mountain biking and climbing in a variety of countries. He has now been living in the states since 2015 & Chattanooga is one of the best places he's lived and fallen in love with. He started working at TEREN a year ago, helping with all things customer service. So if you reach out to us you'll be chatting with James! And if you give us a call he's always happy to try his hand at an American accent… ;)