About Us

TEREN is a group of "adventure hungry go getters" that love all things wild, muddy and dangerous. We've been wearing, destroying and complaining about outdoor apparel long enough we decided to do something about it.

TEREN focuses on innovative solution based designs that allow us and our customers to adventure at the highest levels without sacrificing style. This allows us to enjoy everyday life, micro-adventures on the weekends and those long haul adventures all over the world while keeping our travel bag light.

It all started when we our founders – Nick & Chris – met on a week-long fly fishing & motorcycle adventure/photoshoot for RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine back in 2018.
What was suppose to be a week of riding motorcycles & fly fishing small mountain streams turned into a week of torrential rain. Turns out, that was the best possible outcome. 5 guys tried to pass the time in a cabin by playing guitar, drinking beer, tying flies & talking, but after a few days, the conversation turned to gear & its shortcomings. We were tired of looking ridiculous with too many zippers off the trail or having to pack a second pair of pants on a short trip just to have something to wear out. 
We ended up sketching a pair of pants with all the features we thought would be perfect for adventure & traveling. As soon as we got back from the trip, we hit the ground running – & TEREN was born.
So what does TEREN mean?
TEREN is a Romanian word for "land" and it inspires us to go to places near & far. 
Our apparel performs up the Carpathian Mountains and looks stylish down a city street. TEREN designs are strong & durable just like the land beneath our feet. TEREN is reliable for the everyday, a day hike or a 6 month trip to faraway lands.
The duality of our apparel is one of our prime design principles.
With TEREN designs you'll be able to summit mountains, swim streams or adventure everywhere during the day but just as easily catch a beer at a bar, go to the nicest restaurant in town or walk straight off the trail into a date looking like you own the place. We pursue performance just as much as we pursue style so you can rely on your daily drivers from TEREN without having to pack extra or change clothes in the middle of the day.