Materials: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex

Insect Repellent: EPA-Certified Permethrin Protects Against Mosquitos, Ticks, Chiggers, Ants, Midges & Flies for over 70 Washes!

Our fabric is EPA-Certified and uses a long-lasting permethrin that is chemically bonded to the fabric, so there is No Odor or Residue. Even after 70 washes, our fabric still boasts over 85% retention of the permethrin treatment, so even though permethrin is non-toxic to humans, you can rest assured that it won't affect aquatic life or cats (For comparison, the average store-bought spray-on permethrin treatment only lasts up to 6 washes!)

Pant Sizes to Waist Measurements

Pant Size 30 - Waist Measurement 31"-33”
Pant Size 32 = Waist Measurement 33"-35"
Pant Size 34 = Waist Measurement 35"-37”
Pant Size 36 = Waist Measurement 37"-40”
Pant Size 38 = Waist Measurement 40"-42”
Pant Size 40 = Waist Measurement 42"-44”