Episode Seven | Michael Quinn

Episode Seven | Michael Quinn


In this conversation, Hyde and Michael Quinn discuss various topics, including daylight savings time, types of writing, the Chernobyl TV show, Root and Rock Adventures (RAR), creating a list of things to do, and favorite gear from TEREN. In this conversation, Mike Quinn discusses his experience with the lightweight traveler pants and their versatility in various activities. He also shares how his health journey and love for the outdoors led him to Root & Rock Adventures. The connection between nature and healing is emphasized, along with the importance of building relationships and creating margin in travel. The conversation concludes with a discount offer for the Cloudland Shell.


Daylight savings time can be a topic of excitement or frustration for different individuals.
There are various types of writing, and storytelling can be therapeutic for some people.
The Chernobyl TV show explores the impact of human decisions on the world.
Root and Rock Adventures (RAR) is a personal brand and platform that focuses on story, community, and gear for outdoor exploration.
Creating a list of things to do can be a way to motivate oneself to get out and explore.
When traveling, it's often the unexpected experiences and interactions that make the journey memorable.
TEREN is a brand that offers quality outdoor gear, and Michael Quinn discovered it through social media and outdoor expos. The lightweight traveler pants are a versatile and comfortable piece of gear for various activities.
Being outdoors allows for healing, resiliency, and a deeper connection with nature.
Building relationships and connecting with people on the journey can be transformative.
When traveling, pack light and create margin for unexpected experiences.


00:00 Introduction
06:22 Root and Rock Adventures (RAR)
09:46 Reading from Ralph Potts' Book
12:21 Creating a List of Things to Do
16:24 First Memory of Creating a List
21:28 Hearing About TEREN and Favorite Gear
23:11 Introduction and Number of Pieces Owned
23:34 First Piece: Lightweight Traveler Pants
25:14 Favorite Feature of the Lightweight Traveler Pants
28:59 Connection Between Health Journey and Root & Rock Adventures
30:55 Root & Rock Adventures and Outdoor Community
35:28 The Power of Being Outdoors
39:23 Travel Tips: Pack Light & Build in Margin
40:59 Connecting with People on the Journey
42:24 Discount Offer for Cloudland Shell
43:20 Closing Remarks

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