Types of Pants For Men: The Perfect Fit For Any Occasion

Types of Pants For Men: The Perfect Fit For Any Occasion

There’s a whole world of great pants out there that get overshadowed by more popular options (like jeans). Upgrading your pants will not only elevate your style, but also keep you more comfortable. 

And the best part? You don’t have to buy a bunch of different pairs. There are plenty of versatile options that can serve you on the trails and at the bar!

In this article, we break down what goes into a quality pair of pants and showcase some of our favorite pairs we wear all year. 

Popular Types of Pants For Men

Here are some of the most popular styles of men's pants:


Chinos are some of the most underrated types of pants out there. Jeans often overshadow them, but this doesn’t have to happen.

They can be dressed up with a button-up or suit jacket or made more casual with a t-shirt and sneakers. A nice pair of chinos uses quality craftsmanship, meaning they’re designed to handle heavy use but are often kept tucked away for events and nicer outings. 

They’re perfect for anyone looking to improve their style and appear more polished instantly. Just like jeans, they typically come in three different styles—straight fit, slim fit, and relaxed fit. 


Jeans are a go-to for many men because of their versatility and practicality. The average man owns seven pairs of jeans, and it's easy to see why. 

They come in many different styles, colors, and fits and are available at various prices.  

But if seven pairs of one style of pants seem excessive to you—we couldn't agree more. There are so many great alternatives to jeans that are more sustainable, practical, and comfortable. 


Joggers have quickly become essentials in any classic wardrobe. This wasn’t always the case, though. Some believe that they rose to popularity because of the hip-hop scene in the 90s; others believe they’re so popular because of the rise in the athleisure aesthetic. 

Regardless, men’s joggers provide the comfort of sweatpants with a more tailored feel because of their streamlined fit and cinched legs. Not only that, but they come in so many different kinds of fabrics, making them easy to dress up or down for different occasions.  

Twill Pants

Twill pants and chinos are very similar in style, but twill refers to the kind of fabric used. 

Twill is made by weaving fabric in a vertical pattern. This makes them exceptionally durable and creates a stylish pattern. Twill pants are generally categorized as “smart casual” because they’re generally seen in business casual outfits. 

Hiking Pants

What do you picture when you think of hiking pants? At TEREN, we picture loose fits, excessive pockets, and zipper-off legs. 

While hiking pants are undoubtedly functional, they’re not the most stylish. 

The Everything Pants

At TEREN, we’re huge advocates of ideas like one-bag travel, minimalist travel, and capsule wardrobes. Therefore, we wanted to sit down and design clothing we knew we could rely on and wear virtually anywhere.

Thus, we created the Lightweight Traveler Pants and the Daily Driver Pants to tick all the right boxes. 

They’re functional enough for a multi-day backpacking trip, stylish enough for your best friend's wedding, and durable enough to last you years.

Lightweight Traveler Pants

  • Key Features: Moisture wicking, bug repellant, magnetic button, stain release, UV protection, antimicrobial, and more.
  • Best For: Backpacking, fishing, at the office, weddings, travel.
  • Where to Buy: TEREN

  • If you’re in the market for the perfect pair of adventure pants, look no further than the Lightweight Traveler Pants.

    These pants are lightweight, ultra-packable, and antimicrobial. This means you can wear them for days without worrying that you’ll start to smell. 

    The Daily Driver Pants

    • Key Features: Water repellant, odor resistant, UV protection, 4-way stretch, gusseted seat, moisture wicking, and more. 
    • Best For: Every day, at the office, climbing, evenings out, hiking, travel.

    We designed the Daily Driver Pants to be the ultimate go-to pair of pants. You can dress them up for the bars or dress them down for a casual weekend look. 

    While they have a tailored appearance, they’re also super stretchy, which makes them a great pair for hiking, backpacking, and even climbing. 

    What to Look For in a Pair of Pants

    Less is more when it comes to buying clothing. Instead of purchasing dozens of styles, shapes, and fits of pants, it's essential to have a few versatile pairs of pants.

    Look for pants that can be styled in multiple ways and worn for days without retaining wrinkles, stains, and odors  

    7 Tips For Finding the Perfect Fit

    Here are the seven most important things to look for when shopping for pants:

    1. Know Your Measurements

    Online shopping is continuing to grow in popularity. In fact, 46% of all clothing sales take place online

    Use a fabric tape measurer to take down your measurements before shopping online—particularly if you’re prone to weight fluctuations. This can even save you time in the dressing room since you’ll already have a good idea of what size you’ll need.

    Online shops almost always include measurements and size charts to help you find the right size. This is particularly helpful when brands use small, medium, large, etc, instead of numbers. 

    2. Understand Pant Rises

    Pants generally come in high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise styles. Chances are, you already have a preference. 

    Save yourself the time and headache, and shop for pants that are your preferred rise. This will help you weed out pants that you most likely won’t like. 

    3. Check the Waistband

    Even if you’ve been the same size for years, its natural for our bodies to retain water, bloat, and shrink throughout the year. 

    A good pair of pants will give you room to expand and contract after a good meal or sweat sesh in the sauna. This is why we always include magnetic closures and drawstrings on each pair of pants. 

    4. Note the Break

    The “break” is where your pants sit on your ankles in reference to your shoes. This can also apply to jacket lengths and sleeve cuffs as well. 

    One of the best styling tips we can give you is to note where you need your “break” to sit to allow for a sight separation between your shoes, wrists, and waistband. 

    This is an easy way to take any outfit to the next level. 

    5. Fabric Matters

    I’m sure you know that not all fabrics are created equal. Depending on where you live and the activities you participate in, you’ll likely need different pants for different occasions. 

    Look for water repellants, antimicrobial fabrics, stretchy fabrics, breathable materials, and UV protection.

    6. Move Around

    So many people make the mistake of trying on a pair of pants and deciding based on how they feel standing in a mirror. 

    We encourage you to try sitting, squatting, lounging, and even dancing to see how your clothing feels as you move around. Does it move with you or make you feel uncomfortable?

    7. Trust Your Instincts

    If you’re paring down your wardrobe to a few versatile essentials, you should be picky about the items you bring home. 

    If something feels off about a pair of pants, it's best to trust your gut and keep shopping. If you don’t feel good wearing something, you likely won’t look your best either. 

    Final Thoughts

    There you have it—a complete guide to the different types of pants for men. 

    Remember that the perfect pair of pants is not just about how they look but also how they feel and function. There’s no need to clutter your wardrobe with a dozen pairs of pants if you’re shopping for quality clothing that is both functional and stylish.