Summer Outfits for Men in 2024: Stylish & Practical

Summer Outfits for Men in 2024: Stylish & Practical

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If you’re looking to up your style game this summer, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we share the hottest — pun intended — summer outfits for men. These outfits are stylish and practical, keeping you looking good and feeling cool.

What To Look For In Summer Clothing

When shopping around for summer outfits, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, finding suitable fabrics can quickly determine whether or not your outfit can keep you comfortable. 

For instance, natural fibers like bamboo and merino wool are fantastic fabrics for summer for a few reasons. First, they both have natural antimicrobial properties, which means they’re great at repelling odor and illness-causing bacteria.

They make it so you can wear your clothing for substantially longer without fear of body odor lingering around. 

They also both have excellent moisture-wicking properties, which means sweat, humidity, and rain moisture won’t stick around as long. This, paired with their excellent breathability, means they’re superior at temperature regulation.

Color is another essential factor to consider since dark colors tend to soak up heat much quicker than lighter colors. Lighter colors naturally repel heat and, therefore, are more effective at keeping you cool. 

Other fabrics like cotton and linen are also great options because of their breathability. 

Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Here at TEREN, we’re huge advocates of minimalist and capsule wardrobes. We believe that the more we can mix and match different items, the more streamlined our lives can be. 

Therefore, we believe in creating quality pieces that work for us. The items below are carefully crafted to be mixed and matched in any combination to create functional, stylish, and versatile outfits for summer.

So, without further ado, here are our favorite pieces you can mix and match to create an ideal men’s summer wardrobe:

1. Daily Driver Tee

We know the importance of staple t-shirts in a man's wardrobe. They can be worn alone or under a button-up. They are quick and easy to throw on and can be dressed up if paired with the right accessories. 

This is why we created the Daily Driver Tee. Regular budget cotton t-shirts are popular for a reason, but we knew we could do better. 

The Daily Driver Tee is expertly crafted from 70% bamboo, which means it’s likely to be one of the softest shirts you’ll ever own. Not only that, but bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking, stain-releasing, and highly resistant to odors. 

This means you can wear it out on the town, as an undershirt at your best friend's wedding, or even on a backpacking trip without fear of smelling. 

This shirt comes in black, navy, charcoal, and brick red. 

Keep in mind that bamboo requires gentle care, so be sure you know how to care for your bamboo clothing properly. 

2. Traveler Tee

Similar to the Daily Driver Tee, The Traveler Tee was crafted to be the perfect all-in-one shirt for any occasion. 

However, instead of bamboo, this shirt is crafted from 100% Merino wool. What makes Merino wool so spectacular (and nothing like your grandpa's favorite chunky wool sweater) is that Merino wool is an ultra-fine thread. 

A strand of Merino wool is one-third the diameter of human hair, so when it's weaved together to make fabric, it becomes ultra-durable while remaining incredibly soft. 

While Merino wool is a perfect textile for hot weather, it actually excels in the winter as well. 

It makes the perfect base layer for winter sports as well because, unlike other fabrics, Merino wool can still regulate its temperature when wet. 

The Traveler Tee comes in four stylish colors—black, sage, navy, and gray. It comes in a long-sleeved option so that you can wear it in the cooler months as well. 

Just be sure to care for your Merino wool clothing properly since, just like bamboo, it requires gentler care than other textiles. 

3. Daily Driver Shirt

A great button-up is the best way to instantly up your style and turn a basic outfit into a nice one. 

The Daily Driver Shirt is designed to be the perfect button-up for any occasion. It’s made from 45 percent bamboo, which makes it comfortable, soft, moisture-wicking, and stretchy enough to wear dancing or even hiking.

But we pulled out all of the stops to make this shirt truly shine. We added UV protection to not only protect the colors when you’re out in the sun sipping craft beers on the patio—but also to protect your skin. 

It also has a built-in lens cleaner, and the collar stays can be removed and used as a fire starter. 

Pair this shirt with denim shorts, jeans, chino shorts, or even swimming shorts to look nice on the beach. 

It comes in four colors—charcoal, navy, cement gray, and glacier green. It also comes in a long-sleeved option for the fall or winter. 

4. Lightweight Traveler Pants

The summer is meant to be full of hiking, swimming, and overall adventuring. This is why we made it our mission to create the perfect pair of adventure pants.

The Lightweight Traveler Pants defy all of the previous expectations we had on our adventure pants. We never thought bulky cargo pants and excess pockets were flattering or even all that functional. 

We wanted a comfortable pair of pants we could wear out on the town and also on the trails that were stylish, functional, and comfortable enough for a season full of adventure. 

But these pants are so much more functional than meets the eye. They're equipped with an odor-free natural bug repellant, UV protection, and a magnetic button that allows your pants to flex and move with you.

They have hidden, zippered pockets that keep your belongings safe during travel, a gusseted seat that won’t tear and fray, and exceptional durability that can keep cactus thorns and sticks from penetrating the fabric. 

They come in five stylish colors—black, khaki, navy, charcoal, and brown.

5. Daily Driver Shorts

A great pair of shorts should be a staple in any men’s summer wardrobe. They can be dressed up or dressed down and are go well with t-shirts, button-ups, and even a hoodie on a cooler summer night.

We created the Daily Driver Shorts to be the last pair of shorts you’ll ever need to buy. They have a classic design void of any patterns so they’ll go with any of your favorite sneakers and shirts.

They’re also quick drying, anti-micrboial, moisture wicking, stretchy, and void of any unnecessary bulky pockets. 

Pictured above are the 7-inch inseam shorts, but we also make them in a 9-inch inseam option for those who prefer a more conservative length. 

They also come in four classic colors—khaki, navy, charcoal, and brown.

Layering Tips

These are some of our top layering tips as well as a few great outfit combinations you can draw inspo from this summer:

Tip 1: Start With a Great Base Layer

The layer that touches your skin can make or break your comfort on both the trails and out on the town. Start with a base layer like the Daily Driver Tee or Traveler Tee that can wick moisture, regulate your temperature, and prevent odors with its antimicrobial properties. 

Tip 2: Keep it Tailored, But Not Tight

Always opt for clothing that gives you room to move without drowning you. Clothing that is baggy or tight can easily get stuck on your skin while you sweat and make movement uncomfortable. 

Tip3: Have a Lightweight Outer Layer

In summer, it might seem counterintuitive to add an extra layer. 

However, lightweight outer layers, like a button-up or thin flannel, can not only elevate your style, but also provide a barrier between the sun and your skin. 

Summer storms can also roll in fast and dramatically shift the weather, so it's always smart to prepare for the unexpected.

Tip 4: Accessorize

How you accessorize can completely change an outfit. Functional accessories like wide-brimmed hats, our camp hat, UV protective sunglasses, and long-sleeved layers can keep you comfortable and healthy in direct sunlight. 

Men’s Summer Outfit Inspo 

Here are some great combinations of some of our favorite men’s summer clothing. 

1. Comfortable & Functional

Throw together the perfect hiking outfit by combining our Daily Driver Long Sleeved Shirt with the Lightweight Traveler Pants

You’ll keep the bugs away, protect your skin from the sun, and keep your temperature regulated.

2. Stretchy & Versatile

Don’t believe that our clothing is versatile enough to wear just about anywhere?

This is proof that they’re comfortable enough to boulder in. Pair our Daily Driver Pants with our Daily Driver Tee and Camp hat for the perfect versatile outfit. 

3. Stylish & Relaxed:

Our Daily Driver Shirt is perfect for grabbing a beer with your buddies, hitting the hiking trails, or even going to your best friend's wedding. Pair it with our Daily Driver Shorts on a hot afternoon or our Daily Driver Pants for a night out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about summer outfits for men:

How can I prevent sweat stains on my summer clothes?

The best way to prevent sweat stains is by wearing breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying clothing. This will ensure you stay sweat-free without the need for heavy chemicals in antiperspirants. 

What colors are best for summer?

Lighter colors are best for reflecting the sun’s rays, though bright colors are also effective. Avoid dark colors since they’re prone to holding onto heat. 

How do I care for my summer clothing?

Always be gentle with your summer clothing since it’s typically made from breathable fabrics. Also, be sure to let your clothing dry before storing it since moisture can harbor bacteria and cause wrinkles. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it—our favorite functional clothing items as well as some summer outfits men can rely on. 

Remember that you don’t need a giant wardrobe to stay on trend. Just a few stylish and versatile pieces paired with the right accessories can ensure you have plenty of combinations to stay feeling fresh all summer long.