The Best Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes

The Best Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes

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When traveling, you don’t always have the time to iron or hang your clothes to keep them wrinkle free. If you’re anything like us, you probably end up shoving clothing in a backpack or suitcase as you’re flying out the door. 

Regardless of whether you’re on a backpacking trip, a beach trip, or an excursion to another country, tending to delicate clothing isn’t something you want to fuss with.  

Below, we share some of our staple wrinkle-free clothing pieces you can add to your wardrobe to help you enjoy your trip—not play dry cleaner.

The Best Wrinkle Free Clothing For Travel

Here are our favorite wrinkle free travel clothes:

1. Daily Driver Shirt

Here at TEREN, we have designed every single piece of clothing we make ideal for travelers, adventurers, and those seeking functional clothing for the outdoors. 

The Daily Driver shirt is not only super stylish, but made from a blend of natural bamboo, polyester, and spandex to give it the perfect amount of stretch, wrinkle resistance, and structure. You can wear this shirt on the town or on a hike. 

Bamboo is a natural fiber that is great at temperature regulation, staying wrinkle free, and is naturally odor resistant because of its antimicrobial properties. 

On top of the bamboo’s natural wrinkle resistance, we also add a PFAS-free anti-wrinkle additive.

2. Daily Driver Tee

T-Shirts are a staple in so many wardrobes—particularly for men. They can be worn as is, or layered under button ups and sweaters. 

This is what led us to creating the Daily Driver Tee. We wanted a shirt that would be a giant step up from a traditional cotton t-shirt. But what makes bamboo so much better than cotton?

First, it is much softer than cotton. About as soft as silk, but far more breathable. It's also naturally moisture wicking, completely hypo-allergenic, and antimicrobial. Bamboo is naturally wrinkle resistant which makes it a great staple in a travel wardrobe.

3. Traveler Tee

Merino wool has grown exponentially in popularity the past few years—and for good reason. You may think of wool as being just a wintertime fabric, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Merino wool is excellent at keeping your temperature regulated in both hot weather and cool weather. It is naturally moisture wicking and will dry quickly when wet.  This is why we’ve crafted the Traveler Tee with 100 percent Merino wool.

The Traveler Tee comes in 4 stylish colors—black, gray, navy, and sage. If long sleeves aren’t your cup of tea, it’s also available in a short sleeve option.

4. Daily Driver Puffy Jacket

Puffy jackets should be a staple for any traveler because they can be packed down small in a backpack, but they’re also highly efficient at keeping you warm. 

The Daily Driver Puffy Jacket is made from Bluesign certified recycled materials, features 8 hidden pockets, and has durable water repellency that makes it hydrophobic. We designed this jacket to be the perfect companion for any traveler and adventurer looking for a high-quality, reliable, and stylish jacket.

The Daily Driver puffy jacket comes in three stylish colors—navy, light olive, and black.

5. Lightweight Traveler Pant

These are hands down the best pants for travelers. Don’t believe me? 

The Lightweight Traveler Pants weigh only a few ounces and will hands down be one of the most comfortable pairs of pants you’ll ever own. They feature subtle branding, hidden pockets, and a sleek shape that is flattering on just about  any body type.

They’re also UV resistant, bug repellent, and antimicrobial. This means you can wear them for much longer than traditional pants without them smelling bad. This super versatile pair of pants is stylish enough to wear on the town, and functional enough to wear on any outdoor adventure. 

This is just a small list of some of our favorite features these pants have. They’re incredibly versatile and perfect for daily life, vacation, or on any adventure.

What Fabrics Stay Wrinkle Free the Best?

These are the best wrinkle-free fabrics to reach for:

Nylon, Spandex & Acrylics

These are commonly added to other fabrics to soften them or give them some extra stretch. They also help clothing stay wrinkle resistant when they’re blended properly.

Cotton with Polyester

Regular cotton can be awful to keep wrinkle and crease free. If you’re shoving clothing in a carry on, regular cotton clothing won’t be very forgiving.

This is why you’ll frequently see cotton clothes with polyester added. This also makes clothing items less prone to pilling and static. 


Did you know that wool is great for winter and summer? Merino wool is an excellent temperature regulator and it's also naturally moisture wicking. Natural fabrics like wool and bamboo are also naturally anti-microbial and therefore odor resistant. 

Merino wool is truly one of the best fabrics available for those looking to invest in high quality staple pieces in their wardrobe. 


Silk is one of the most wrinkle-resistant fabrics out there. It's super comfortable and lightweight. This is what makes it such a popular option for sleepwear. 

The downside to silk is that it isn't as breathable or quick drying as other kinds of fabrics. This is why it’s not generally used for athletic wear. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about wrinkle free clothes for travel:

What is the best travel fabric for no wrinkles?

The best wrinkle resistant clothing is made from natural fibers like bamboo and wool. Cotton and polyester blended fabric is also a super popular option because of its ability to stay wrinkle free. 

How do you keep clothes wrinkle-free when traveling?

The best way to ensure your travel wardrobe stays wrinkle free is to be conscious about what fabrics you’re packing, and how you’re storing your clothing.

Rolling your clothing not only helps you save on space, but is a great way to ensure your clothing stays wrinkle free. Also always make sure your clothes are completely dry before storing them since this can cause a lot of creases and wrinkles.

Can you make clothes wrinkle resistant?

Clothing can be chemically treated to prevent wrinkles, but you can also add liquid starch to your laundry to make your clothing stiffer. Just make sure it is safe to use on all of your clothing before adding it. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you feel equipped to hit that long haul flight, vacation destination, or expedition without worrying you’ll look silly with wrinkled clothes. Packing your luggage properly to reduce wrinkles  is just as important as choosing the right wrinkle free clothes. 

There are plenty of amazing clothing options out there for travelers, but also a whole bunch of poorly made pieces that can't handle the demands of travel. Here at TEREN you can rest assured that we’ve crossed every t, and dotted every i. 

We’re travelers, adventurers, and businessmen who simply wanted to create the perfect line of clothing for our lifestyle, and yours too!