The Best Performance Shirt Options for Men

The Best Performance Shirt Options for Men

You’re a hard-working dude, and you need a performance shirt that will look good, feel good, and perform when it’s supposed to.

If you’re sick of buying shirts that simply don’t cut it, don’t stress—at TEREN, we’ve spent years researching the best clothing styles and fabrics that perform well, look great, and last for years.

Here’s everything we’ve learned about men's performance shirts:

The Importance of Performance Clothing

When you hear “performance clothing” you may think of athletic wear like jerseys, athletic pants, and spandex. 

But in our eyes, performance clothing is anything that’s optimized for performance—be that in sports, exercise, or just doing yard work. 

If you’re heading to a wedding where you plan on dancing all night, you should find clothing that can keep you dry and odorless. 

If you’re skiing, you should choose base layers that can keep you warm even when they get wet. 

Frequent travelers should find clothing that can pack down small, stay wrinkle-free, and smell great even after multiple days of wear

The Best Fabrics For Performance-Based Shirts

The most important thing to look for when shopping for performance wear is the proper fabrics. 

While cotton t-shirts may be a popular undershirt option for a lot of men, cotton tends to hold onto moisture and is prone to smelling badly after prolonged wear. 

Silk, flannel, and even linen are also poor choices because they don’t effectively wick sweat, they dry slowly, and they tend to trap moisture. 

Instead, look for fabrics like cotton-polyester blends, bamboo, Merino wool, and nylon.

These fabrics are best for keeping your temperature regulated in the cool and hot months, wicking moisture, and they’re quick to dry.

Our Favorite Performance Shirts

Here are the best and most comfortable performance shirts currently on the market:

Best For Hot Weather: Daily Driver Tee

  • Fabric: 70 percent bamboo, 30 percent polyester
  • Key Features: Antimicrobial, packable, quick drying.

  • The Daily Driver Tee is designed to be the ultimate shirt you can rely on day in and day out. It’s hands down one of the most comfortable shirts you’ll ever own and excels in hot and humid weather. 

    Bamboo is a miracle fabric because of not only its performance abilities but also because it’s one of the most sustainable fabric materials available

    Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, which makes it resistant to odors. It’s also impressively breathable and excels at wicking moisture. 

    This means that even on the most hot and humid days, you can relax knowing you’ll stay feeling (and smelling) fresh all day long. 

    This shirt won't ever shrink on you and is excellent at resisting wrinkles compared to other materials like cotton. 

    Best For Cold Weather: Traveler Tee

  • Fabric: 100 percent Merino wool
  • Key Features: Odor resistant, moisture wicking, breathable.

  • You may at first think of wool and imagine thick, itchy, warm sweaters—but what if we told you there was a kind of wool that could help you thrive all year long?  

    We're talking about Merino wool, not your granddad’s wool. And not just any merino wool, but mercerized merino wool. 

    Mercerizing is a process during manufacturing that softens the wool so it feels way nicer to wear. 

    Now, we’ve geeked out about both Merino wool and bamboo pretty extensively—but its all for good reason. 

    Merino wool is special because one strand is one-third the diameter of a human hair, but incredibly strong when woven together. 

    Just like other natural materials like bamboo and linen, Merino wool is also naturally antimicrobial, sustainable, and moisture wicking. 

    But what makes Merino wool the top choice for winter, specifically?

    Merino wool is special in that, unlike other fabrics, it actually keeps you warm even when wet. You know that dreadful feeling of falling in the wet snow skiing or sledding then freezing after? That’s just not the case with Merino wool.

    While it is impressive for wintertime, it’s also amazing for hot weather as well because of its ability to keep you dry, cool, and odor free. Merino wool is the go-to fabric for men’s performance shirts.

    This is why we decided to make our Traveler Tee from 100 percent Merino wool. We’re confident you’ll love it, and it's even available in a long sleeved option.

    Choose between four stylish colors—black, gray, navy, and sage.

    Best For “On the Town”: The Daily Driver Shirt


  • Fabric: 45 percent bamboo, 45 percent polyester, 10 percent spandex.
  • Key Features: Four way stretch, wrinkle-free packability, antimicrobial.

  • What if we told you the shirt pictured above makes for a great hiking shirt. 

    Don’t believe us? 

    The Daily Driver Shirt was made to be the ultimate go-to button up for any occasion—from mountain biking to a fancy dinner in town.

    This shirt has the fit of a standard button up, but what sets it apart is its remarkable stretch, moisture wicking abilities, stain resistance, and its ability to stay odor free for many wears. 

    Have a wedding to go to in the afternoon and a camping trip in the evening? The Daily Driver shirt has you covered. 

    If you love button up shirts, but can’t stand how they restrict your movement, leave you feeling sweaty and stinky, and constantly needing to be ironed—it's time to stock up on some of our Daily Driver shirts. 

    They are soft and comfortable yet sturdy enough to hold their shape and not fade for years to come. The collar stays can even be removed and used as a flint to start a fire. 

    They’re also available in short sleeve, and come in four stylish colors—Charcoal Carabiners, navy kayaks, cement gray gears, and glacier green axes. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some commonly asked questions about performance shirts for men:

    What does a performance shirt mean?

    Performance shirts are designed to keep you comfortable and keep full range of movement for all activities. 

    Here at TEREN, we believe that performance shirts can extend much further than athletic wear, and should be available for all of your daily needs and occasions.

    What are performance dress shirts made of?

    There are several different popular materials for performance dress shirts. The most popular being elastane, polyester and nylon. 

    However, the best fabrics for performance dress shirts are natural fabrics like bamboo and Merino wool. 

    These materials excel because of their natural breathability, odor resistance, and quick drying nature. 

    Is cotton good for performance shirts? 

    Cotton is a popular choice for clothing, but it isn’t the most practical for performance wear. 

    Cotton holds moisture and can be slow to dry compared to other materials like bamboo and Merino wool. This makes it prone to a build up of odor causing bacteria and chafing. 

    What are the benefits of performance shirts?

    Performance shirts excel and help you regulate your temperature during vigorous activities, and during both summer and winter. 

    They are moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and extra comfortable to keep you odor free, chafe free, and help you maintain full range of motion. This makes them ideal for not just athletics, but also for daily wear.

    Final Thoughts

    Clothing science and technology are too advanced for you to be wearing clothing that doesn’t serve you. 

    While performance wear can be a bit pricier than some of the clothing you see on some big box retail stores—its worth every penny.

    Our site, TEREN, is full of clothing that we’ve specifically designed to help you stay more comfortable both on and off the trails. You can always count on us to bring you comfortable, reliable, and stylish options every time. 

    We also make some of the best pants and shorts you’ll ever own.