outdoor pants with bug repellent

Bye Bye Bug Bites - Your Guide to a Bite Free Outside

Warning!!! Scary statistics ahead…

#1 - Vector borne illnesses account for about 17% of all infectious diseases! - WHAT…

#2 - 80% of the world’s population (pretty good chance that’s you and me in that 80%) is at risk for contracting one or more vector borne diseases.

#3 - There are over 800 tick species in the world and only 4 tick vaccines. There are no approved tick vaccines in North America.

  • The stats are rising and NOT in our favor 
  • There is a major lack in vaccines available for vector borne illnesses

Well shit…. Now what? 


Ensuring you are properly protected from insects that can cause harm to you should be a priority. Here are your options:

    • Bug Spray ❌
      • If you enjoy sticky arms & chemicals sprayed on your body… 
    • Treat your own clothing ❌
      • If you are 1000% sure you won’t come in contact with it in your garage (or inhale fumes) and are comfortable with disposing of the excess liquids when you’re done… sure Karen, go for it.
    • Hope you don’t get bit ❌
      • Remember now, 800 ticks vs. 4 tick vaccines…
  • Wear clothing with insect repellency safely built in at the factories. ✅
      • Ding ding ding! -  We have a winner! 

    But seriously TEREN, why are you freaking me out?!

    Don’t Worry, our Lightweight Traveler Pants are here to save the day!

    Don’t worry, our Lightweight Traveler Pants have a long lasting bug repellent built into them at our factories so you don’t have to worry about messing with any chemicals AND can feel safe on the trail / out in the wild. 

    We get the most questions about our long-lasting bug repellency, how it works and how safe it is. We decided to answer all your questions with resources so you can wear the best Traveler Pants with confidence! Alright nerds, enjoy below! ;) 

    First of all, what is it / what does it do?

    Our long-lasting insect repellency is achieved from a permethrin clothing dip done by Burlington Fabrics No Fly Zone program. Permethrin is a man-made chemical that is created using the chemical makeup of the chrysanthemum flower family. Chrysanthemums have a natural bug repellency that shoos insects away before they get a chance to make contact or bite / sting. The same concept is created in the fabric of clothing that has a permethrin dip; bugs are repelled before even making it to the surface.

    • Our long-lasting insect repellency is a permethrin clothing dip
    • Permethrin is made from the chemical makeup of the chrysanthemum flower family
    • Bugs are repelled before making it to the surface of the clothing


    visual of a bug attempting to make contact with a surface and being repelled away

    Second, is it toxic or safe to wear?

    Our insect repellent is non-toxic! Not just non-toxic, but significantly safer than your typical deet that goes directly on to the skin. How you may ask? Like we said it is derived from a natural insect repellent found in certain chrysanthemum plants, working as a contact repellent that affects insects'nervous systems to shoo them away before they can even think about biting or stinging. “With rising numbers of insect-borne diseases, permethrin-treated garments are becoming an increasingly important part of protecting against bites,” says Nelson Bebo, “The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using permethrin treated garments along with other precautions to reduce the risk of bites. See where the CDC recommends EPA registered permethrin-based clothing here.

    • Insect repellent is non-toxic and worry free
    • It is a contact repellent that affects insects’ nervous systems before they can land on you and bite / sting
    • The CDC recommends using EPA registered permethrin clothing as bug repellency to combat rising levels of insect borne illnesses
    • Check out videos on Burlington Fabrics No Fly Zone technology here.

    Here at TEREN we like to hit the trails and enjoy the outdoors stress free, we hope to share that through our Lightweight Traveler Pants and their safe bug repellency feature. Snag your pair today through the link below and kiss those bug bites goodbye!