Nonprofit Affiliates Program

TEREN is looking for local nonprofits to partner with where we can donate our normal marketing cost (roughly 20-30% of the retail value of each product) to a good cause instead of spending that money on big tech companies advertisements.

How It Works?

Instead of giving our marketing budget to Facebook & Google, we'd rather give it back to our favorite outdoor communities! We believe that our time & money is better spent on the trails and waterways. That’s why we are committed to donating 20% of each online purchase driven by partnerships directly to the non-profit organizations that are making a difference in our outdoor communities. 

*It’s like Amazon Smile – except that instead of donating “0.5% of eligible purchases”, we are donating 20% of any purchase using your link.

If your organization is interested in partnering with us please fill out this form and we will reach out to you with the next steps.